About me

About me evens max PierreLouis.but I live in Connecticut New Haven CT.In l’am 37 years old but I’am from Haiti.in I’am dork skinded black and Black haircut dorkbroad eyes.in my hight is 5.7 wight 160 pound.but The HP clouds it is my Computer Mobile Explorer Intel Inside pro Systems.but Dynadot is a Networking software’s that is forwarded it’s myself Intelligence like a Intel Insides pro tools for window 7 & window 10 and it is a office Software tools Apps development for my Computer’s Mobile’s Explorers Intel Insides pro Android Smart computers That I Provided for Intel Inside pro tools Software for Walmart but walmart is a Official website’s promoting by walmart website @ http://www.Walmart.com and http://www.Haiti.net a website’s for Means.tv in it is a marker TV shows On UK A Networking Service program’s.but masmediaTV is a wabbit TV Network broadcast television’s entertainments by Globalisation TV show Networks AppSheet on-line in it isn’t myself services that’s I provides for them consumer’s productions program’s in it is a 3D digitals HD studios HP clouds sounds Systems for myself Evens Max’s bio Agreements and it Is to Creating Products for all business Development Programs By Elgato Network a Business Provider for Apps and Website..like Walmart in also like my smart Toys for Kids and stuff for adults to.smart machines and a smart Samsung Tablet for a Elgato & Android Smart computers touch IPad touch iPod touch laptops touch iPhone touch in HP Cloud Touch flat screen hollow graphic computers Android for A…bbb


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